About Us

The National Zakat Foundation is a groundbreaking initiative which aims to utilize Zakat funds collected in Canada in order to provide a lifeline for local, deserving recipients. This group consists of some of the most vulnerable members of our community, including new converts, widows, orphans, refugees, the elderly and the homeless.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the Muslim community with an end-to-end Zakat service, encompassing: Education, Calculation, Collection, Distribution

Our vision underpins everything we do as an organization and we aim to achieve it through:

  • The collection and distribution of Zakat funds to eligible recipients in the Muslim community.
  • Launching campaigns to raise awareness about the importance and role of Zakat, with the ultimate aim of increasing the level of Zakat consciousness in Canada.
  • Running education programs to deepen the level of knowledge about Zakat and its rulings.

Our work covers four core areas that together form an end-to-end service for the Muslim community in Canada with respect to Zakat:


Raising awareness about the obligation of paying Zakat, its great importance in empowering the Muslim community and the urgent need for Zakat distribution in the Canada.

Providing the Muslim community with easily accessible knowledge about Zakat and the means to help implement it accurately. Resources developed include:

Video Tutorials – Pre-recorded videos about Zakat available on our website to view at any time.
Printed Literature – Detailed notes on Zakat, Friday sermon and Zakat booklets available to download from our website.


Providing the Muslim community with the most effective and accurate means of calculating Zakat.

Services include:
Zakat Calculator – A sophisticated and easy to use online calculator, which will enable users to accurately calculate their Zakat.
Q&A Service – An e-mail service enabling users to submit detailed questions to qualified scholars regarding their Zakat.


Providing an efficient, secure and accessible means of paying Zakat which is trusted by the Muslim community.

Services include:


To efficiently and effectively distribute Zakat and Sadaqah funds to deserving members of the Muslim community in the Canada. Our work in this area includes:

Zakat Fund – lifeline to those in need who have no other forms of assistance available to them. Some of the items the Zakat Fund has helped to provide eligible recipients with include emergency accommodation, food vouchers, furniture items, clothing and essential travel costs.

Partnerships – Developing key partnerships with other organizations to help deliver additional support services to the Muslim community

National Zakat Foundation

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