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Why do we need another charity organisation?

The concept of the National Zakat Foundation was born when shocking stories of poverty in Canada came to light. Although there are many charities in Canada, practical support for those suffering from poverty and destitution is scarce and fragmented. As a result, the National Zakat Foundation was established in order to provide an effective, organized and professional service to help those in need on our doorstep.

Why do we need to distribute Zakat in Canada when we have an established welfare system?

Under the welfare system, application procedures for housing and other benefits are sometimes difficult to make a case for and require a lot of time. Applicants can encounter delays of up to several months before any benefit is forthcoming. NZF aims to provide assistance during this crucial time so that applicants (often with children) are able to live in safety and with dignity whilst other options are being explored.

What type of assistance does the National Zakat Foundation give?

NZF provides Zakat to individuals who are eligible to receive it. Through our Zakat fund, we aim to provide for the basic necessities of life. Examples of the type of items we have paid for so far include:

  • Food vouchers
  • Emergency accommodation
  • Rent deposits
  • Baby items such as nappies and milk
  • Personal items e.g. clothing and toiletries
  • Essential travel
  • Basic furniture
  • Vital counselling services

How do I know if I am eligible for Zakat?

If your net income is far less than your expenses and/or you are in debt out of necessity then you are eligible to apply for Zakat.

How do I make an application for Zakat?

You can make an application for Zakat by completing the form online or printing it and sending the completed application to the address stated on the form.

How is my application for Zakat assessed?

A panel of Zakat experts decides the outcome of every application.

Is there a limit to how much Zakat I can apply for?

After we complete the assessment of your application, we decide on the best way to support you based on your needs.

How long does it take to receive a decision?

We will endeavor to come to a decision within 4 weeks. To avoid delays, please make sure you have filled out all the necessary information on the application form.

Will you provide feedback on my application if I am unsuccessful?

Yes, we will provide an explanation about why your application was unsuccessful.

Can I apply again if I am unsuccessful the first time?

You are welcome to apply again, but reapplications must be submitted no earlier than 3 months from the date of decision of your latest application.

If I have received Zakat from the National Zakat Foundation in the past, can I apply again?

Yes you can, but a new application will need to be filled in.

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